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Uniting Hearts


I am eager to unite two as one who are in matter what race, religion, or gender.

Love is Love and that is a beautiful thing.

Choose your location and what vows you perfer.

Low rate of $299

Meet Your Minister


After many accidents and years of suffering so much physical and emotional pain that I set out to take my own life, something extraordinary happened. I literally felt the wings of an angel and I heard a voice say to hold on and from that day forward I stopped listening to doctors and turned to angels which led me to great health and a miraculous spiritual path. I have dedicated myself and it is now my passion to assist others. I have taken classes at Center for Spiritual Living where I learned to do amazing spiritual mind treatments which is basically praying in a more effective way which I do for donation only. I am an ordained minister with great spiritual power to send heart felt blessings for your marriage and even the food at your celebration which also has miraculous stories behind it. Wanna know? Just ask. I will also include one hour of free coaching in any area of life when you book me as your minister.

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