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Bodywork from Janie


The soft sound of nature and the waves of the ocean provide a soothing background. The rhythm of the music is slow much like the rhythm of the body. Your body will rest on smooth sheets and you will be completely draped in soft comfort. My tender touch will greet you as I attend to your breath. I concentrate deeply on positive energy to flow through you from my miraculous hands. I take a breath with you. Our cells then begin to communicate and become one. You respond to the cue and relax deeply as all of your stressors begin to melt away. I move on by only undraping each part being worked on. Organic oil is applied for an incredibly smooth glide, repairing and moisturizing as it warms and soothes all your aches and pains beyond belief. The pressure slowly deepens and your tight muscles start to release as they sink into my hands. I pay careful attention to feel for what the body needs. The healing session continues as my fingers began to dance across your body while the rhythm pulsates through every fiber of your being. I then apply astonishing skills to help set everything back into balance. Every session is unique as no two individuals are the same. Therefore each treatment is custom tailored to meet your needs. I use my gifted intuition and extraordinary knowledge as my guide to help your body heal you in the best way possible. May each session leave you rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit.

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