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The picture on the left is me in Nov. 2010 before I discovered the H.E.A.L Technique. I was going to many therapies and natural doctors & practioners and following a beyond healthy and disciplined diet. A healthy diet is important, but there was obviously something missing. Long story short, the picture on the right is me in 2013. WOW!

This technique helps you pinpoint where there is blocked energy and the programs that created it. I use my intuition, your responses, and knowledge to bring about a shift that will promote healing within you. This is done through the power of focused thought, intention, prayer, my guidance, and a little bit of powerful breath work. In our sessions, you’ll see how your subconscious holds belief systems, and how to change them to help you instead of work against you. These systems can be reprogrammed to serve you in just minutes! What we do is teach your mind, body, and spirit to eliminate programs such as abuse (verbal & mental), repeated accidents, addictions, allergies, self- image, relationships, finances, illnesses, dysfunctions, and any other issues you are ready to resolve…forever! We also balance chakras, clear negative energy from people, places, and items. We can clear trauma and patterns that come from your ancestors down to your children. We use many forms of energy healing to work on physical ailments and diseases. Many of these issues can be eliminated in just one session. Sometimes it is a perspective alone that shifts and “poof” the body let’s go of the illness! We use intuitive body work which we see and talk to your body to witness changes to benefit you and teaching you as we go along. An empowerment that lasts with you forever!


Experience pure joy and passion in life. Heal yourself. Heal the planet. Make miracles happen.


Carolanne & Theresa, the creators of H.E.A.L. Technique (

Janie, your practitioner


$180 for first session up to 90 minutes

$139 for each additional session up to 60 minutes


The cost and time is minimal compared to the thousands of dollars and time I have spent with little to no result from the issues I have had from other therapies. This can get more results from 10 years of other therapy sessions totally thousands of dollars that you can get in one session of the HEAL Technique!


Please drink at least 10 oz. of water before you arrive. Hydration and oxygen are essential


Are you ready to HEAL?


Special offer for limited time: Receive a free Spiritual Mind Treatment or an intention bracelet valued at $200 with a HEAL Technique Session


An intention bracelet is made with beautiful glass beads and blessed with specific intentions. An example is: Bracelet for Transformation, protection, and prosperity

By wearing this bracelet you give permission for all the angels that have been called upon for you to come and assist you in transformation, protection, and prosperity in all aspects. May this bracelet be a reminder of how we receive light by going through the dark. Transform the dark experiences to one of beauty, light, and love with greater ease with the help of all the angels to assist you now including but not limited to: Ezekiel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Ariel, Chamuel, Hamied, Haniel, Jeremial, Metatron, Raguel, and Raziel.


A spiritual mind treatment is something I create specifically for your circumstances and put in a written form to help you manifest the most benevolent outcome for it.


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