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  New! Non-surgical Facelift you can afford with acupoint electro therapy


A dolphin neurostim is used that merely feels like a ball point pin on specific acupoints that sends impulses in on a holistic level that is powerful enough to change tissue by changing neurons. A direct current prompts tissue to regenerate and repair itself smoothing out wrinkles, toning the skin,

Releasing muscular adhesions that form as we age, and providing new cell growth for uplifted healthy skin and muscles.

New! Rejuvenating Face Lift Anti-Aging Facial Massage


Face Lift massage when performed correctly assists with the following:

Tones weak muscles for tighter facial contours, releases tension of surrounding muscles,increases circulation, re-educates muscles for proper positioning, lessens wrinkles and expression lines, aides in stress reduction & relaxation and promotes feeling of well being with me channeling healing light into you. 


I use lotion (Janie in bottle see below) that I created with very powerful ingredients known to: be anti-aging, fades scars and dark spots, reduces acne or any infectious & inflammed conditions, tonifies skin & muscles, nourishes skin with potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidents etc provides skin what is needed to recover and repair, moisturizes, improves complexion, encourages skin & cell regeneration, and prevents premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. 


Skin becomes softer, more smooth, more vibrant, and youthful with regular treatments.

This is my personal secret to my youthful vibrant skin!

No alcohol in ingredients that is found in many "beauty anti-aging products" yet dries out skin known to cause wrinkles!


1 treatment $99 each treatment

2 treatments $149 ($50 savings)

3 treatments $225 ($75 savings)

*Ask about new client special

I got a message in meditation to mix these powerful ingredients together.

New! I Dream of Janie in a jar


I started feeding this to my skin and cells and within 3 weeks I started receiving so many compliments on how I was glowing, looking younger, and more radiant. People started asking me for my secret and so here it is! I dream of Janie in a jar is perfect to use before bedtime to get full regenerative youthful cell effects.



*certified organic

*Egyptian black seed oil, pure pearl powder, *extra virgin coconut oil, rose flower oil with vor-mag water (certified to be free of pesticides), and cucumber witch hazel (purified water, * aloe, *glycerin, *witch hazel, cucumber extract, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract)

See list and research the known benefits of each of these ingredients.

$36 for jar 

New! I Dream of Janie in a Bottle

I created this after trying to mix the elixir above in the egyptian bottle yet too difficult to get out of egyptian bottle when coconut solidifies so I created this one with amazing argan oil instead of coconut oil which is perfect to use in the morning in a beautiful bottle to brighten your day and your face.

$18 in beautiful Egyptian bottle

New! I Dream of Janie in Roll On Bottle

In meditation I ask what can be done for any kind of knots and I get this idea to mix these super powerful ingredients together in a roll on bottle. However, after searching the benefits this has the power to do so much more. Black seed oil alone is known to benefit everything except death. According to a new study, published in an issue of Life Sciences, artemesinin (one of the ingredients in this roll on bottle) – a derivative of the wormwood plant used in Chinese Medicine – can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours! The ingredients in this roll on bottle has been known to reduce inflammation, erradict pathogens and infections, heal injuries or disorders faster, relieving pain by taking care of issue, improving blood supply, treating any skin disorder, and softening scar tissue, This is great to have on hand to treat bug bites and stings like no other and so much more.


*Egyptian black seed oil, artemisia annu flowering herb, and pure DMSO

Try them out and see what this food can do for you! I personally bless each one putting in love and chi for you!

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