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"The spirit of love is truly felt. Janie is completely focused in her massage- helping the body to heal. I could feel as if my cells were vibrating with pure happiness." -Mariel Reyes


"I was suffering from Sciatica for 5 1/2 months and in so much excruciating pain that it literally had me paralyzed at times. I couldn't spend quality time with my daughter, my professional life was greatly affected where it even hurt to sit and I could barely walk, my personal life was almost non-existent and I was getting depressed and tired of being in so much pain. I tried other therapy and a Chiropractor, but nothing worked. Janie said she could help. I was hesitant, but desperate so I got an hr. and half reabilitative massage. I noticed some relief the next day and was able to work 11 hrs on my feet where previously I could not stand for more than 10 min! I was sore from working so much the next day using muscles I haven't been able to in a long time, but within the next couple days the Sciatica was completely gone! I have been pain free for 4 months now, Janie gave me my mobility and life back and I am Soooo thankful!!! In one word......Amazing!!!! I was no more than a crippled man before Janie worked her magic."

                                                                                            -Michael Moriarity WeddingPlanner


"I was racked with grief and was at the point that every time I was alone I couldn't help but cry and cry. I knew I was in trouble. I tried to scream the stress out of me when I was alone. I tried to drink wine to settle my nerves. I tried being alone. I tried leaning on friends. Fortunately, Janie Ambrose invited me to come and do the HEAL technique with her. I really have never done anything like this and I have never thought there was a lot of real value to such healings. Feeling as desperate as I was, I agreed. Janie was so wonderful to me. She took me through the process with the love of nonjudgement of a mother to her child. Through it, I learned the reasons I keep experiencing the same pain. I was released from the major load of oppression that I was feeling then. Since I was still actively dealing with my issue in my real life I truly didn't expect to be free from the grief and pain, but on the long ride home I realized that I hadn't cried or grabbed the wheel once. Within days, I realized that although I was still dealing with the physical issue, my emotional me was equipped and ready. Most importantly, she helped me to pin point the whys so that I could learn to fix them. She helped me learn that I was worthy. I will be forever in her debt for that. I have told everyone I know about her and I would recommend this process to anyone. I feel blessed to have had Janie care for me enough to help ME fix me. Thank you, Janie." -Jen Wead


This HEAL Technique is so powerful that this woman (Karen Dean)was due for a liver transplant with many other things failing her and skin even turned yellow. She didn't even have energy to drive. I called her the next day to hear how she was doing and she told me that she was cleaning and felt like there was nothing wrong with her and she was more concerned over her husband's pain in his arm. Wow!


“Janie is very empathetic and expert at what she does. I have been pain free for hours now after treatment and look forward to my next visit!” M. Ludwig (treated with Acupoint Electro Therapy for hip pain).



"Janie, changed my life on as little as 7 minutes....she's truly remarkable and gifted individual who can change your life as much as you will allow! She put the oils on me (Acutincture) and it facilitated the change in my body that I was desiring!"

                                                         -Sean Gorgone golf instructor


"I've had two delicious experiences with Janie Ambrose doing the HEAL technique on me. The latest one I'll focus on was balancing Candida Albican Overgrowth. It had been a herocious time dealing with this fungus coming back repeatedly. Janie was able to pinpoint that was physical and spiritual through muscle/energy testing and helped guide me through these amazing breathing techniques. What I loved most was when she was able to correct and make sure that I was doing it properly.

Her sharing with me her experience of a similar situation is what prompted the impromptu session. My self love increased as a side effect and also awoke feeling rebirthed the next morning! I am a new man with healthy balanced Candida now. Thank you heaven for sending an Earth Angel named Janie into my life."     Matthew Rowlson


"I had been suffering with a very painful bout with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis for months. By the time I had my appointment with Janie, I had so much pain, fever, and inflammation in my hips and pelvic area that I could barely walk. Janie applied the Dolphin Neurostim on several areas of my body. On a pain scale from 1-10 before she did the treatment I was an easy 10. When she finished I was down to a 2. She also advised me on certain supplements I could take to relieve this pain, restore my body, and it's working. Everyday I feel more confident that I will be 100% back to feeing pain free and have my quality of life back. I highly recommend her as she carries the purest intentions, knowledge, and integrity. Thank you Janie!!!" JP. 1/2016. (Treated with Acupoint Electo Therapy)


"And where does a massage therapist go when she needs to be replenished?
To another massage therapist but only the best of course....
Janie Eileen Ambrose has left nothing out! She has great attention to detail, providing everything you can think of heat, aromatherapy, vibrational tools and best of all Great Skill! I was feeling a lot of internal tension, just plain overtired, stressed and irritable...10 minutes into my massage with Janie and it was as if I took a tranquilizer smile emoticon
Janie is a very talented therapist and her skills go far beyond relaxtion."    

                                                                   SaRee Purcell LMT 

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