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Chakras are light centers that push vital life energy (also called ki, chi, or prana) through the body to ensure vitality. To reap in wellness and vitality it is important to keep the Chakras cleaned. Chakras get dirty and dense through negative thoughts, interference (cell phone, tv, polluted air,etc) and by certain things consumed like red meat, processed foods, sugar, dairy, pesticides, and drugs of any kind (including alchohol, smoking, and caffeine) to name a few.


Dirty chakras can make you feel more sluggish and out of balance. Your chakras also affect your intuitive abilities. With Cleaned and balanced Chakras you are able to make highest choices manifesting your highest good.

The Root Chakra is related to issues of physical security and is affected by thoughts and feelings about finances, career, home, safety, and needs.


The Sacral Chakra deals with cravings for physical pleasures (food, drink, sex), addictions, self image, and lifestyle.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is affected by thoughts and feelings of power, control, critism, and judgments.


The Heart Chakra relates to relationships, love, people attachments, and forgiveness.


The Throat Chakra deals with speaking truth, communication, and asking for needs to be met.


Ear Chakras assist with clairaudience.


The Third Eye Chakra is affected by vision of past and future and beliefs of seeing spiritual realm.


The Crown Chakra deals with connection to source, knowingness, and trust.

I also do 2 more chakras than the basic 7 to assist with alignment and to hear Divine messages to help you make the highest best decisions.


I use chakra stones, chakra pendullum, frequency tones for Chakra Balancing, and meditative guidance to assist your chakras to be cleansed and balanced. Due to everyday interference it is great to have done often.


I can show you how you can aide your chakras to be more clean on a daily basis.

Chakra Balance $60

New MediCrystal Far Infrared Mat with Amethyst and Tourmaline stones with heat.

Mat conducts negative ions directly to the body to restore the natural electrical field of organs and cells.

Known benefits: 

  •  Relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression, relax and bring you the feeling of well-being.

  • Brings soothing for joint, muscle and soft tissues pains and stiffness, reduce arthritis, rheumatism, lyme, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and minor strains.

  • Detoxifies body, enhance lymphatic drainage, burn fat and control weight. It encourages mood with Serotonin, Enzymes, improves metabolism, blood circulation and immune system.

Lay on MediCrystal and enjoy these benefits for free with Chakra Balancing.


Special Offer: Buy one chakra Balance and get second half off!

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