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 I am medically intuitive and highly knowledgable in nutrition, mind, body, spirit, and soul. I have learned from experience that optimal health can not be achieved through a healthy diet alone. I have learned from my past experiences, countless hours of research, study, and classes that there has to be a holistic balance to achieve optimal health and happiness. I have mastered self-discipline in my eating habits, but the most difficult challenge for me has been to transform my thoughts to manifest my highest good. Whether you are battling a health disorder (including emotional disturbances and anything and everything in between) or would like some powerful tools to enhance your quality of life at any age, you came to the right person. I can get to the root source of health imbalances without expensive testing. I specialize in Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatique, Glandular issues (thyroid, adrenals) and I have an endless list of knowledge, resources, and experience with so much more. The initial consultation will provide a holistic assessment. I can tell a lot just by looking at your face. I also do kinesiology/ muscle testing to confirm and get answers. I focus on the cause, not the symptoms like most conventional doctors do. I can show you how to find which foods are best for YOUR body, as everyone is different. There are many general guidelines that I will share with you such as food combining, certain foods to heal certain disorders, which foods that are important to be organic, process of eating, and so much more. I will work out a personalized plan to fit you on your preferences, lifestyle, nutritional needs, and budget. For me to provide the most optimal plan for you; I request you to keep a journal of current lifestyle for appr. 1 wk before our session.

I offer grocery store trips to find delicious healthy alternatives and to find the foods that will work best in your body and mind. I will do my best to find pratical and realistic strategies for long term success. I have a strong passion to guide people along the path to gain all the self knowledge that they have a right to and TO THRIVE with it. A life of greater energy, happiness, youth, and so much more awaits you!


The nutritionists/practitioners that I have visited charged me an initial $300 just for consultation or 15 minute visit and appr. $60 for each visit after with a bunch of other added expensive fees for testing adding into thousands of dollars. I believe in making health as affordable to everyone as possible and that is why I am offering a consultation,  a health assessment and wellness plan that includes hours and into days to tailor to you and even to make herbal formulations (I am a clinical Herbalist) for only $150.  What doctor would do this for you?

 The first visit is highly recommended in person and most other visits (as needed or desired) can be over the phone. Grocery store trips only $35 per person(no prior session required). I will help you discover what is best for YOUR body with delicious alternatives that are simple and affordable to help you thrive!

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