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A wonderful formula to help you to Be Well

By Janie Ambrose Herbalist and Dr. of Metaphysics

Elderberries-Anti-viral, inhibits the spread of viral infections, and decongestant

Hawthorn berries-ACE-2 inhibitor to help keep virus from entering cell, anti-septic, improves oxygen uptake, heart tonic, and reduces stress

Cordyceps-Protects cilia in lungs, enhances immunity, increases T cell count, increases oxygen utilization, and reduces cytokine and autoimmune response

Camu Camu berry- Boosts the immune system, rich in vitamin C, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps block pathogens reducing risk of illness, reduces oxidative damage, and decreases inflammation

Chloroxygen-Enhances immunity, helps build oxygen carrying blood cells, purifies blood, protects against poisons and radiation,  and helps calm nerves

Ceylon Cinnamon-Supports immune system, ACE-2 inhibitor to help keep virus from entering cell, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory

Beet crystals- Supports organ function and cleansing, helps circulatory health, contains vitamin C and iron, and tastes sweet

Star of Bethlehem-Helps with shock and grief, soothes stress, and helps bring unity with deepest part of self

Gorse-Helps in situations when unable to trust or imagine a positive outcome for future events and brings hope and light filled optimism

Gentian-Helps bring encouragement and faith when feeling discouraged and depressed after a set back

Raw honey- Contains phytonutrients that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that can help to boost your immune system and fight sickness and tastes sweet

$11 for 1 oz

$18 for 2 oz

$25 for 4oz     Call or text Dr. Janie at 813-481-9669

I also have healthy hand sanitizer, skin cream, injury formula, and can make a formula specific for you if you are sick with an over phone assessment.

Be Well Tincture 2oz

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